Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bangladesh, BAKSAL

Mujib's Govrnment soon began encountering increased dissatisfaction and discontent among the people of BangladeshHis programm of nationalism and socialism suffered a grear set back due to inefficient, corrupt and poor leadership.

Mujib focused almost entirely on national issues neglecting local issues and Government. Grassroots and local levels election were

Sheikh Mujib addresses the foundation meeting of BAKSAL neglected as a result democracy was weakened.Mujib was criticised for nepotism in appointing family mmbers to the important post.

Political unrest gave rise to increasesing violenceandd in response Mujib began inseasing his powers .On Jan 25,1975, Mujib declared a state of emergencyand his politial supporters approvd a constitutional amendmenr banning all opposition political parties.Mujib was declared president for his life and given extraordinary powers.His political supporters formed only political party Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League-BAKSAL

But such things did not last long.