Monday, October 5, 2009

Bangladesh, Khaleda Zia (contd-1)

An anlysis of the results of the election held on 27 Feb, 1991, reveals that,
1. 16 prties participating in the election came out successfullly,
2. Only 4 Parties could cross the single digit,
3. 5 Parties got only one sit,
4. Jamaati Islami, afundamentalists organisation, secured as many as 18 seats,
5. The four Parties are, BNP-138,BAL-88, JP-35 and J-e-i-18.
Begum Zia from BNP (Center right)with 7-party alliance formed the Govt. with the support of Islamic fundamentalists. Some constitutional chnges were approved including powers to be vested in Prime Minister and making President a constitutional head as in 1972 constitution. Abdur Rahamn Biswas was elected president in Oct 1991.
Prime Minister Begum Zia led importance on the Education Sector, including intrduction of free and compulsory Primary education, tuition free education for girls upto clss ten, stipend for female students and the food for education programme. Tree plantation had been a nation wide social movement. Jamuna Bridge was also started in her time. The govt. also increased the age limit of the civil service examination from 27 to 30.
zia also played an important role in SAARC.
In March 1994, controversary over a parliamentary by-election was brought to the surface by the opposition Parties that the Govt had rigged which resulted in the boycott of Parliament by the entire opposition parties.The opposition parties extended their programme of general strikes with a demand that the Khaleda Govt. should resing and a caretaker govt be undertaken. After some attempt of settlement through nigotiation failed , the opposition parties resigned enmasse from the Parliament. The opposition including the Awami league pledged to boycott 15 feb, 1996 election which was won by Khaleda zia with a landslide victory. The opposition Parties denounced as unfairand political turmoil followed. Khaleda zia was forced to resign and a new caretaker Govt arranged a fresh the parliamentary election. Awami League with its associates won the election.
BAL-146,BNP-116,JP-32, J-e-I-3 etc.