Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guinea, Mountain and forest

Fouta Djallon north-south through the middle of the country, populated by Peuls, the Sahelian Haute-Guinea to the north west ,populated by Malinke, and the forested jungle regions in the south east , with several ethnic groups. Guineas mountains are the source of the river Niger, the Gambia and Senegal, as well as the numerous rivers flowing to the sea on the west side of range Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. The highest point in Guinea is Nimba, 5,748 ft. The Guinean Monane Forest ecoregion consists of scattered
mountains and high plateau areas that rise out of a gently undulating landscape . Part of the ecoregion are found in four west African countries, such as, Cote d'Ivore in the east, Mountains Loma and Tingi hills in Sierra Leone and mount Nimba on the border between Liberia and Guinea.
while others are more gentle such as the Fouta Djallonin Guinea, a heavily eroded plateau with an elevation of 1,100 meters. The notable mountains in this ecoregion are Mount Nimba, 1,752m, the Simandou Massif,1,650 m, the Ziama Massif, 1,387 m , all of them in Guinea.
The av. rainfall is about between 1,600-2,400 mm per year, and most major rivers in west Africa have their oringins within the peaks of the Guinean Monane Forest ecoregion.For example, the most westerly tributaries of the Niger river originates in the Loma mountains of Sierra Leone, while the Senegaland Gambia rivers originates in the Fouta Djallonof Guinea.For the closed and guinea savanna, the common plant association in the humid valleys include Uapaca togoensis.