Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guinea , History (contd-1)

Monument to commemorate the 1970 military victory over the Mercenaries invasion
Sekou Toure and the democratic Party of Guinea (PDG) remained in power till his death in April,1984. After Toure's death in 1984, a military junta - the Military Committee of the National Recovery (CMRN) headed by Lt.COL. Lansana Conte assumed power and immediately changed his predecessor's economic policies, and announced the esablishment of second Republic. In lieu of a constitution , the gov. was run by ordinances, decrees and decisions issued by the president and various ministers and the Goverment remained dictatorial.
The CMRN formed a transitional parliament, the "Transitional Council for National Recovery " (CTRN), which created a new constituion and Supreme Court in 1990. The first Multi-party presidential election took place in 1993, since independence. were held in 1993, but results and those of subsequent elections were disputed. Conte faced domestic criticism for the condition of the country's economyand for his heavy handed approach to political opposition.
several thousand mal-content troops mutined in Feb. 1996, destroying the presidential offices and killing several dozen civilians and attempted unsuccessful couo d'etat. The arrested 98 soldiers and civilians and put them under trial in 1998.
In Dec 1998, Conte was re-elected for another 5-year term.
Begining inSep 2000, the Revolutionary united front (RUF) backed by Liberia and Senegal commenced a large scale attack and destroyed the town Gueckedou as well as a number of villages . Ultimately, the second election scheduled to be held on 2000 was held on 2002. But Vonte's party (PUP) and its alliances won 91 seats in 114.
After diplomatic intervention from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Conte choose a new Prime minister from the panel of 5 submitted by the labour union.On Feb 2007, Lansana Kouyate was nominated.
On 23 dec, 2008, Aboubacar announced the death of Conte and as per constitution assumed the power and replaced lansana and appointed Ahmed tidiane Souare.