Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bangladesh, Assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , father of the nation of Bangladesh, was assassinated in his residence in a military coup in the early hours of 15 Aug 1975, while he was serving as the lifelong president of the country by a ammendment of the constituion with the selp of his supporters.
Sheikh Mujib's Body lying on
the staircase of his home on
15 Aug 1975 after his
Following the Independence of Bangladesh (Dec 1971), Mujib became the Prime Minister and later president of the newly formed state.He shut down step by step the roads of Democracy and formed a one Party BAKSAL, banning all the political parties and the newspapers other than the four circulated by the Govt by a constitutional changes. This incited the opponent political parties and CIA. Moreover Mujib's Govt was charged with corruption and nepotism. Last but not the least, the famine of 1974 ignited a military coup on the early 15 Aug 1975.
The conspirators were divided into three groups. One group attacked Mujib's House in road no. 32, Dhanmondi Residential Area in the Dhaka city . Mujib was killed on the stairs, and all the members of his family were also executed except for his two daughters who were in Germany at that time.
Three months later four major leaders of Awami League , Tajuddin Ahmed, Masur Ali, Syed Nazrul islam, and AHM Kamruzzamanwere arrested and jailed.( they would later murdered in the Jail on Nov 4,1975.
The Military took no action like court martial against the military officials who masterminded and participaated in the coup. No case was registered with thepolice either by relatives of Mujibor his party men. The newly president Khondokar Mustaq Ahmed gave them a blanket pardon for any acts committed on 15 Aug 1975.
However, Sheikh Hasina, Mujib's daughter, after winning the election in 1996, it repealed the ordinance. Bangabandhu murder trial started and Faruque and others were arrested . Rashid escaped since he was in Lybia at that time.
The trial ended in death sentences for Faruque and the major coup leaders.On 07 Aug 2007 the murder case hearing was resumed after 6 years.