Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guinea, Economy (agriculturai sector)

Agricultural Sector:
It has been discussed and decided that one of the most important sources of economic development and the reduction of poverty has been access to capital. At the same time, poor countries have only had a small part of the world 's investments. It is there fore important to address the
question of why the global capital flows between
countries are directed as they are and what can be done to improve the access to capital for poor coutries.
Guinea ranks 160 of 177 countres on the Human Development Index in 2007-2008. Although Guinea has fertile land , agrcultural production is insufficient to meet communit
y needs. Lack of agricultural production is due to the lack of
household capacities to invest purchasing of seeds, working tools for and hiring labour.
malnutrition is on the rise and onethird of children are fully stunted in their growth. The mortality rate for under five children is 155 for every 1,000 live births.Acute respiratory infection are the leading cause of morbidity in these children.