Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benin,History (contd-2)

The name of Hubert Maga (Aug 1916-8 may, 2000) came out first during the post independence Period of Dahomey (later known as Benin). Born in a peasnt family in Parakou, northern Dahomey, in 1916, began his education in Parakou and then to Victo Ballot School at Porto Novo for three years. Subsequently in Ponty normal School in Dakar. Here Maga became friends with Hamani,the Roman Catholicism. (Location of Parakou in Benin).
He became a teacher in 1935 at Natitingou and married a fellow Chistian, a nurse by profession and daughter of a prominant Brazilian of Ouidah, which was rare marriage between a northern and a southern. Maga was appointed director of the school in 1945. He along with his wife began to increase influences among the uneducated citizens.After WWII he began to work in trade unions and joined Teacher's Union of Dahomey.
Early political Career :
Maga was elected a general advisor for the Atacora region in 1945, and two years later, was appointed to the Grad council of French West Africa, in which he served until 1952. Following his election to the Dahomey territorial Assembly Maga resigned from teaching post and became vice-president of the assemblhy until 1957.
In the election of 1951, Maga got the second position where as Sourou migan Apithy (1913-1989) got the 1st position.
Sourou-Migan Apathy was a Beninese political
figure most active when his country was known as Dahomey.Born in Porto-Novo in 1913, Apithy was a descendant Goun Royal family though was was not born into privilege himself.His middle name signified that he had familial ties with the chief ministers of old Dahomeyan kingdoms.He began his education at local mission schools and gained a bias for Roman Catholicism for which he would later be insulted.Apithy would later become an assistant teacher at his school. To further his education Apithy
travellled to Paris in 1033 and got legal and economic studiesat the Free school of political Sciences, under paris Chamber of Commerceand gained his diploma in accounting.He also served as counsel in Paris and Dakar appeal court. He joined in army and later after WWII he came back to his country and being inspired by a Roman Catholic Pastor h contested in an electionas a socialist candidate and was elected to represent Togo and Dahomeyat the french Constituent assembly in 1945.
In the legislative elections of June ,1951, He defeated Hubert Maga , a northern candidate.