Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bangladesh, 1st SAARC summit, 1985

1st SAARC summit,1985,Bangladesh
SAARC summits are the highest level of authority of South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation, usually held annually and are attended by the heads of Governments/States of the member countries. The country playing the host holds the chair of the association. The 1st SAARC summit was held in Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh,in 1985 at the invitation of the president H.M.Ershad.
Prior to the first summit in Dhaka, preparatory meetings were held. A Seminar of SAARC foreign Secretaries was held in 1981 in Colombo, and the meeting of Foreign Ministers were held in New Delhi, Capital of India. In these meetings, areas were identified to promote regional cooperation.
A list of 14 SAARC summit :
1st...8 Dec 1985, Dhaka
2nd...17 Nov,1986 Bangalore, India,
3rd...4 Nov, 1987 Kathmandu,
4th...31 Dec, 1988 Islamabad (Pakistan)
5th...23 Nov, 1990 Male (Maldip)
6th...21 Dec,1991 Colombo (Srilanka)
7th...11April, 1993 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
8th...4May, 1995 New Delhi (India)
9th...14 May, 1997 Male
10th...31 July, 1998 Colombo
11th...6Jan, 2002 Kathmandu
12th... 6 Jan, 2004 Islamabad
13th...13 Nov, 2005 Dhaka
14th...3-4 April, 2007 New delhi