Saturday, October 10, 2009

Uzbekistan, Human Rights

The constitution of the republic of Uzbekistan asserts "that democracy in the republicof Uzbekistan shall be based upon common human principles,according to which the highest value shall be the human being, his life,freedom,honour,dignity and other inalienable rights."

However, non-Govrnmental human rights watchdogs, such as IHF,HumanRights Watch, Amnesty International, as well as United states department of state, and Council of the European Union define Uzbekistan as "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights." and express profound concern about "wide-scale violation of virtually all basic human rights". According to reports the most widespreadviolations are torture,arbitrary arrests, and various restrictions of freedoms of religion, of speech and press, of free association and assembly. In 2005, Uzbekistan was included into Freedom House's "the worst of worst. The most repressive societies.
Muabar says that " the struggle for peace begins with the struggle for spiritual peace and trnquility within people. Thisx only possible when observance of human rights and frreedom for everyone is provided." She works for human

Mutabar tadjibayeba-uzbekistan rights society of Uzbekistan (HRSU}. Mutabar (born on 1962) is the head of the legal defense organization and editor of Ut Yuraklar (fiery Heart) in Ferghana Valley.
Has Obama put humanrights on the back burner.
ALMATY,Kazakhstan says-as the United states re-fortifies its presence in Central Asia - planting military bases and extending supply lines to neighbouring Afganistan - many observers are asking if Washington's human rights agenda will take a backseat to a more steely eyed realpolitik. The five Central Asian States have fittedin and out of Washington's radar since the Soviet Union's breakup in 1991. First seen as free market democracies in the making, they assumed added importance with the recognition that their bountiful oil and gas reserves could supply Western market. There were setbacks, however, in the strengthening of US ties with the region . In May,2005, Uzbek govt forces in the city of andijanopened fire on a crowd of primarily peaceful demonstrators who had gathered after militants attacked a local prison and then took hostages.Hundreds were possibly killed. Washington criticised the Govt.'s action and aided in the aircraft of refugees from the region. After that, Tashkent kicked the US from its air base in the country's south. Obam's noel prize for peace is, possibly, a passport for his action to be launched in Afganistan through central Aisa.