Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benin, History

Name ;
During the colonial period and at independence the country was known as Dahomey.It was renamed on Nov 1975, to the Benin after the body of water on which the country lies , the Bight of Benin, which had in turn been named after the Benin is greater in area than the area of Dahomey by 1/3 of its original area and extended towards north.
Dahomey tribes in Benin;
Benin was the seat of one of the great medieval African kingdoms callled Dahomey. European began arriving in the area in the eighteenth century, as the kingdom of of Dahomey was expanding its territory. Dahomey was a mixture of ethnic groupswith its culture and traditions and had a strong military strength. They are trained from young boys as apprentice. Dahomey was also famous to have an elite female soldier corps, caalled Ahosi or "our mothers."
Thogh the leaders of Dahomey appeared initially to resist the slave trade, still it flourished in the reign of Dahomey, leading to the area being named "the slave Coast." The
Dahomeys were well known for their handicrafts.