Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bangladesh, Agricultural Sector

Potato after cultivation
Bangladesh is primarily an agrarian economy. Agriculture is the single largest producing sector of economy sine it comprises about 30 % of the coutry's GDP and employing around 60 % of the total labour force. The performance of this sector has an overwhelming impact on major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty allevation, human resources development and food security.
Bamboo cultivation
Meeting the nation's food requirements remain the key-objective of the Government and in recent years there has been substantial increase in grain production . However, due to calamities like flood, loss of food and cash crops is a recurring phenomenon which disrupts the continuing progress of the entire economy.
Agricultural holdings in Bangladesh are generally small. Through cooperatives the use of modern machinery is gradually gaining popularity. The crop subsector dominates the agricultural sector contributing about 72 % of the total production.Fisheries, livestock, forestry etc yields 1o.33%,10.11% and 7.33% respectively.

Bangladesh is the largest producer of Jute. Rice being the staple food,its production is of mjor importance. rice production stod at 20.3 million tons in 1996-97 fiscal year. Crop divesification programme are yielding positive result. The country is now on the threshhold of attaining self-sufficiency in food grain production.