Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timor Leste, Towards Independence (contd-2)

due to the objections raised from the colleagues of the State Dept. about Indonesia's violation of arms agreement Kissinger said that to prevent a communist Govt. from arising in the middle of Indonesia was to be construed as self-defence."No one has complained that it was aggression," he said. Actually, both the United nations Security Council and the General Assembly passed resolutions condemning the invasion of Indonesia and asked Kissinger's policy of supplying arms to Indinesia be suspended for 2/3 weeks but the mandate was violated by both the parties.In 1975, Jose Ramos-Horta was a young teenager Timorese and opposed Portuguese colonial rule. Now he was of 26 and a member of the short lived Independent Govt. of East Timor.

President suharto of Indonesia
He came from a liberty loving forebears. His grand father and father had both been deported by Portugal's dictatorship because of their political activities, and Jose himself at th age of eighteen had been deported from East Timor to Mozambique by the Portuguese colonial administration for ridiculing Portugal's "civilizing mission".
He came back when FRETILIN had won a civil war with the conservative UDT and proclaimed Independence on 28 Nov. 1975 after the withdrawal of Portugal from East Timor. The new Govt. appointed Jose as Minister of external-affairs to focus their cause abroad.
He went abroad for recognition of his Govt. and while coming back he heard that Indonesia had made an invasion to East Timor on 7 Dec. 1975.