Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guinea, Rivers

Niger River
passes over
the countries
1. Mali, 2. Guinea,
3. Benin, 4. Nigeria.
Tributories :
Left; 1. Sokoto,
2. Kaduna, 3. Benue,
Right: Bani
Cities: Tembakounda,
Bamako, Timbuktu,
Niamey, Lokoya,
Length: 4180 km.
Basin; 2,117,700 kmsq.
The Niger River is the
principal river in western
Africa. Its source is the
Guinea highlands in south
eastern Guinea. It runs
through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as Niger delta of the oil rivers. into the gulf of Guinea, in the atlantic ocean. The Niger is the third longest river in Africa, exceeded only by the Nile and the Congo (known as Zaire).Its main tributary is Benue.