Friday, October 9, 2009

Uzbekistan, Introduction

Uzbekistan, officially known as Repubic of Uzbekistan is one of the poorest country in Central Asia, formerly a part of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is to the north and to the west, Kyrgystan and Tajikistan are to the east, and Afganistan and Turkministan are to the south. The egion is conquered by Uzbek nomads in the 16th century. They used the an eastern Turkic language. Most people of Uzbekistan use this language. It was incorporated into the Russia in the 19th centuryand in 1924 became a constituent of the Republic of Soviet Union, as Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. It became an Independent republic in Dec, 1991.
In Uzbekistan 45 % of the people live below poverty line i.e.,their income per head per day
is less than 1.25 US $.
As per National Average Per Capita income using atlas method est. 2003 is US $ 420. Its rank from the bottom is 33rd. and from the top is 173 rd.
In case of GDP (nominal) the measure in IMF (2007),WB (2008) and CIA (2008), rank is as below :
IMF **139**********830