Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bangladesh, Political Orientation

The political orientation of Bangladesh oscillates between two power centres in Bangladesh. One revolves round the Awami League founded by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the other revolves round the BNP founded by Ziaur Rahman. The present leaders of the parties are,
i) Awami League- Sheikh Hasina

Leader; since 1981, Constituency; Gopalgganj

ii) BNP-Khaleda Zia

Leader; since 1984, Constituency :Feni

Awami League formed a fourteen Party Grand alliance including Ershad's Jatya Party and BNP formed a four party alliance including the Islamist Party Jamaat-e-Islami.

Pre election Campaign of different parties

In 2008 election Awami League-Led coalition

BAL-230,Jp-16,JSD-2, LDP-1

Four Party alliance of Khaleda zia

BNP-30,JeI-2, BJP-1

Results of 1991,1996 and 2001

Results since 1973