Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timor-Leste,Towards Independence (contd-3)

After the invasion , the United States continued to be Indonesia's major foreign backer, dramaticlly increasing the sale of the weapons which were deisive in helping the army finally suppress most of the FRETILIN armed resistance in the late 1970s. aircraft supplied by the US sprayed napalm on the last major

FRETILN mountain stronghold, killing hundreds of civilians. Other Western powers such as France, Canada and Britain have found it profitable to sell arms to Indonesia and countries of South Esat Asian Nations have given important diplomatic support. Australia has been the only state formally to recognize the the annexation , following this by by a treaty with Indonesia to share the proceeds of oil discoveries in the ocean area between East Timor and Australia. Ramos Horta, after a decade of fruitles efforts to further the East Timor cause, had to conclude that "East Timor is a classic study of Power versus Principle, of morality versus expediency. In International reltions " Neverthless, he never gave up. As the special representative of the National Council of Maubere resistance (CNRM), the coalition of Timorese pro-independence organisation, he has continued to plead the case in and out of the United nations and in any capital of any country in the world.

Oil reserves In between Australia and East timor.