Thursday, October 15, 2009

East Timor, Towards independence

This is not the end but beginning towards the end.
On Jan 27,1999,Habibie, president of Indonesio, announces that the east Timorese will be allowed to vote on self-determination. shortly after that,two indonesian special forces units, code-named 'Tribuana' and 'Venus' arrive in east Timor to provide under cover assistance to militias still present there. The antiseparatist militias step up their campaign of violence and intimidation , killing at least 22 civilians during an attack on the house of a Catholic priest in Liquica on 6 April,when the Aitarak militia gang attacks the home of independence figure Manuel Carrascalao.During the weeks of violence that follow, more than 1,000 die, the territory's infrastructure is destroyed and 5,00,000 of the entire population of 8,00,000are forced to flee their homes, either to the country's interior or to neighbouring West Timor. Indonesian police and soldiers participates directly in some of the atrocities and the forced transport of 2,50,000 refugees to West Timor.
On 5 May, Portugal and Indonesia agree on a formula to determine the fate of East Tiomor.
On 12 Sep. Habibie agrees to the deployment of international forces to restore normalcy. On 19 Oct. UN officially assumes control of the territory.
In Dec. Ramos-Horta returned to his homeland.
The report of an UN International commission of enquiry says that Human rights violation has occurred in East Timor in 1999.
The first general election of East Timor is held on 30 Aug, 2001. Fretilin won 55 seats out of 88, not upto what they have expected.