Monday, October 19, 2009

Mauritannia, River system

Senegal is a river 1790 km long in west Afria
that forms the border between Senegal and
Mauritania. It was visited by Hanno the Carthegian around 450 BC and there was a trade between here and to the Mediterranian World, until the destruction of Carthage and its west African trade net in 146.
Fisherman in the basin of Sensgal
Senagal river basin
Gorgol river is a river of Southern Mauritania, located in the south flowing through the Gorgol river . It is a tributary of the Senegal river.
The river basin plays an important role in Mauritanian economy facilitated by investment
in the 1970s. The Mauritanian Govt. initiated an irrigation and development scheme in 1975 for the Gorgol river valley where the dam across the Gorgol would increase arable land of 9,000 acres.
This Dam followed by other dam would yeild

74,100 acres for food production.
Although it is a country, most of Mauritania
is desert.In the late 1980s, arable land was scarce, and, except for some cases, crop production was limited to a narrow band
along the southern borders with senegal and
with Senegal and Mali.Farmers practiced four types of agriculture, 1. rain-fed dryland cropping, called dieri, 2. flood recession cropping, along the Senegal river and its seasonal tributaries, called oualo, 3. oasis cultivation, the least important, and modern irrigated agriculture.