Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina (contd-1)

Leader of the oppositiion :
Sheikh Hasina and her part Awami League participated in the 1986 Parliamentary election held under Psesident Ershad, though the BNP and its alliance did not. She became the leader of the opposition party for 1986-87. The Parliament was dissolved in Dec 1987.
The first democratic election was held on 1991after a ling period of military rule. Bangladesh awami League got 88 seats where as BNP secured 138 seats and hold the Govt. In 1996, Hasina's party Awami league got 146 and Khleda Zia secured 116. Hasina on behalf of her alliance became the Prime Minister.
A major achievement of the new Government was to sign a treaty between Bangladesh and India concerning the farakka Barrage, a bone of contention between the two countries ever since it was built in 1960s .According to the treaty, Bangladesh was to receive 33 thousand cubic feet per second (930mmm/s)of water. Hasina next went on creat a Peace Treaty with the tribal rebels in the mountainous south east of the coutry, thus seemingly solved a long standing problem.
But Sheikh hasina and her party earned more dicredit and the media focussed all the misgivings done by her.
1. She turned gangsters into a politicians such as Jainal Hazari of Feni.
2. Her government was over using sheikh Mujibur in naming many major institution and constructions.
3. She was accused of politicising the state-owned midia.
4. She was soft towards india,
5. Last but not the least, Transperancy International declared Bangladesh to be the most corrupt country in the world.
She lost in the next election held in 2001 to BNP miserably. She got only 62 where as BNP and its alliance got 199 seats.