Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bangladesh, Service Sector and Infrastructure

Fisheries net work

Bangladesh is a country of a thousand rivers, large and small, and most of its territory is regularly flooded during the monsoon season. This make it extremely difficult and expensive to build modern trasportation and communication net work. The river boats and ferries traditionally used for transportation. Due to the limitation of Govt. fund it is difficult to get with proper infrastructure.

Bamboo Bridge
Tista bridge
According to the CIA World Fact Book Bangladesh is served by a net workof 201, 182 kms are paved. In June 1998, the huge US$ 1 billion was used for Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge. Despite all the proble

Hardinge Bridge

Bangladesh has rali system of about 2,745 kms of which only 923 kms is a broad gauge according to CIA,1998.

The ministry of commerce has started assessing the strength and weakness of service sector before the country enters into the SAARC framework.Agreement on trade in services soon , official sources said
Economic Growth :
GDP is estimatedat 6.5 % in FY 2006,higher than 5,6% in the preceding year.
Solar Enegy