Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Benin, Agriculture (contd)

Fisheries are one of the important economic activity in Benin. There are many rivers and lakes where such activities can be performed.
Increasing Commercial Presure on Land:
ILC (International land Coalition) is an organisation which tries to create awareness amongst the international community,deepening the issue's understanding through research based activities and advocating for effective measuresto be adoptedthrough a constant engangmentinto international fora, are objectivesat center of the initiative the ILC is leading on commercial presure on land.This initiative intends to promote a wide collaborations between CSOs, IGOs and esearch based institutions.
this they have come to the conlusion fron the members and partners and that recent global trends are promoting a massive increase in in global commercial interest in land and natural resources. Predicted medium and long and long term inceasing food prices, demand for land to meet an increasing global demandfor food and livestock as well as to produce feedstock for accelerating agrofuel production and carbon trading mechanism that place a commercial values
on standing forests and rangelands are converging factors that are causing steep increases in demand for land and in land values themselves.

Where there is uncovered water ,there is snake and fear from snake, which increases some professionals for catching fishes and doing different types of professional jobs.