Friday, October 16, 2009

Timor-Leste, Post Inndependence,2007+

In an interview with Al Jazeera broadcast on 22 Feb 2007, Ramos Horta said that he would run for president in the April 2007 Election. On 25 Feb 2007, Ramos Horta formally announced his candidacy. He received the support of Gusmao, who was not running for re-election.
In the first round of the election, held on 9 April, Ramos Horta got second position with 21.81 % (88,102 votes) of the vote and FRETILIN candidate Francisco Guterres got the first position securing 27.89 % (112,666 votes) of votes. There were other 6 candidates securing votes less than that. On the second round of election held on 11 May, between the two candidates Ramos Horta won with 69 % votes.
Presidency ;

He was inaugurated as president of East Timor in a ceremony at the parliament house in Dili on 20 May,2007. He ahd resigned as Prime Minister the day before and was succeeded by Estanisulau da Siva.

Assassination attempt:

On 11 Feb 2008, Jose Ramos Horta was shot in an assassination attempt. In the gun skirmish, one of Ramos Horta's guard was wounded, and two rebel soldiers, including rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, were killed. Ramos Horta was taken to Hospital at Dili at the Australian military basebefore being trnsferred to the Royal Darwin Hospitalin Australia for further treatment.

Other Activities :

Ramos Horta is a frequent speaker, along with other Nobel peace Prize Laureates, at Peace-Jam Conferences.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners of different winners:

Every year Peacejam brings together teenagers students and Nobel Peace Prize winners at the university of Bradford,UK for their inspiration and encouragement towards the effect of non-violent activities in local and global performances.

Ramos Horta is played by Oscar Isaac in the 2009 film Balibo.