Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benin, History (contd-1)

Dahomeys were well known for their handicrafts.
Europeans began to arrive in the 18th century, as the kingdom of Dahomeys were expanding their territories.
The Portuguese, the French and the Dutch established trading postsalong the coast (Porto-Novo, Ouidah, and Cotonou), and traded weapons against slaves. Slave trade ended in 1848. Then
the Frenchsigned treaties with kings of Abomeyto establish French Protectorates in the main cities and ports. However, king Behanzin foyght the french influence which cost him deportation to Martinique. As of 1900, the territory became a French colony ruled by a Fren
ch Governor. Expansion contnued to the north, upto the border with upper Volta. Due the internal problems the French offered them either to remain in the French Community or to become Independent. The people of Dahomey opted for Independence.
In 1958, France granted autonomy to the Republic of Dahomey and in 1960, Aug. 1, gave them full Independence. The president who led them to Independence was Hubert Maga.