Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bangladesh,Migration and its Impact (contd-1)

Within a few months another minister from Pakistan Govt. also resigned.Mr. Jogendranath Mandal, the Minister of Law and Labour of Liaquat Ali Khan's cabinet sent his resignation on Oct 8, 1950. Jogendranath Mandal was the leader ofr Scheduled Caste-Muslim Unity in Bengal. After partition he was rewarded with a Ministership in Pakistan cabinet. After riots in 1950, from his promised heaven within three years to the Brahminical Hindustan and send resignation from there.Some excerpts from his resignation letter could be useful for the proponents of Dalit-Muslim unity today. Mr. Mandal wrote:
'Now this being the over all picture of Pakistan so far as the Hindus are concerned, I shall not be unjustified in stating that Hindus of Pakistan have to all intents and purposes been rendered "Stateless" in their own houses. They have no other fault than that they profess Hindu religion.'
Mr. Mandal foresaw the bleak future,
After anxious and prolonged struggle I have to come to the conclusion that Pakistan is no place for Hindus to live in and that their future is darkened by the ominous shadow of conversation or lquidation. The bulk of the upper class Hindus and politically conscious Scheduled Castes hae laft East Bengal. The Hindus who will continue to stay in that accursed province for that matter in Pakistan will , I am afraid, bygradual stages and in a planned manner be either converted to Islam or completely exterminated.
Two leaders with different political ideology shared the same idea.
UCRC (United Central Refugee C ouncil), a leftist controlled organistion instead of looking into problems of Refuggees tried to capitalise Anti-imperialistic slogan . In a convention in 1952 adopted a list of resolutions which included,
i)Exploitation of the country by foreign powers and discrimination against Russia and China in the field of international trade must be ended,
ii) Equipment should be imported from Russia for the improvement of indigenous heavy industries. etc
The left influenced refugee movement not only suppressed the continuous harassment of the Hindus in East Pakistan, they also supported Pakistan.