Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bangladesh, Lenin on language issue

Russkoye S lovo one of the most widely circulating liberal newspapers in Russia, points to this fact and draws the correct conclusion that the hostility towards the Russian language in Russia "stems exclusively" from the artificial (forced) implanting of that language.
The above question was raised the Armenian Church School was striving to teach russian in Non-Russian students in Caucasus. Russia was a multi-lingual country and obviously language issue was a great problem there. The above news paper said nothing to worry about the fate of the Russian language would ultimately would won recognition through out Russia.
Tiny Seitzerland had not lost anything, but had gained from having not one single language but three-German, French and Italian.In Switzerland 70 % were Germans, 22 % French and 7 % Italians. Lenin said in his article LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS ON THE LANGUAGE QUESTION, written in 1913 (Collected works,vol-19, P-354):

Trotsky,Lenin and Kamenev,1919

" Why should huge Russia , a much more varied and terribly backward country, inhibit her development by the retention of any kind of privilege for any one language ? Should not the contrary be true, liberal gentlemen? Should not Russia, if she wants to overtake Europe, put an end to every kind of privilege as quickly as possible, as completely as possible and as vigorously as possible ?

" If the privileges disappear, if the imposition of any one language ceases , all Slavs will easily and rapidly learn to understand each other and would not be frightened by the "horrible' thought that speeches in different languages will be heard in the common parliament.

"The requirements of economic exchange will themselves decide which language of the given country is to the advantage of the majority to know in the interest of the commercial relations. This decision will be all thye firmerbecause it will be adopted voluntarily by q population of various nationalities, and its adoption will be the more rapid and extensive the more consistent the democracy and, as a consequence of this, the more rapid will be the development of capitalism.

Such was the nature of all liberal-bourgeois nationalism-not only Great Russian but Polish, Jews, Ukranian, Georgian, and every other nationalism.

Lenin reiterated that the slogan of working class democracy is not "national culture" but the international culture of democracy and the world wide working class movement. Let the bourgeoisie deceive the people with various national programmes. The class conscious worker will answer the bourgeoisie that there is only one solutiono the national problem that solution is consistence democracy.

The national programme of working class democracyis absolutely no privilege for any one nation or any one language ; the solution of the problem of the political self-determination of nations, that is, their separation as states by completely free , democratic methods; the promulgation of a law for the whole state by virtue of which any meassure introducing any privilegeof any kind for one of the nations and militating against the equality of nations or the rights of a national minority, shall be declared illegal and ineffecive, and any citizen of the state shall have the right to demandthat such a measure be annuled as un-constitutionalismand that those who put it into effect be punished.

Working Class democracy counterposes to the nationalist wrangling of the various bourgeois parties over questions of language , etc.

sd/-v i lentn, Sep. 7, 1913.