Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bangladesh, Prominent Nationalist

In addition to Khwaza Nazimuddin and Nawab Bahadur Khwaza Habibullah, who were ministers of the coalition cabinet of A.K.Fazlul Huq, following members of the family also were elected.
Khwaza Nazimuddin

Nawab Bahadur Khwaza Habibullah was elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly in the general election of 1936,under Govt. of India Act, 1935. Syed Saheb-e-Alam, Nawabzada Khwaza Nasarullah, Khwaza Nooruddin,Syed Abdus Salim, Khwaza Sahabuddin, and Begum Farhat Banu Sahabuddin,. While two members - Syed Abdul Hafiz and Khwaza Mohamed Ismail were member Council of State in New Delhi and member Legisletive Council respectively.

Nawab Habibullah who suceeded his father, Nawab Salimullah, was born on 26 April, 1895. Ue was educated at St. Paul's School, Darjeeing, and during the WWI, he volunteered and was granted an honourary commission as Lieutenant in 49 Bengal Regimentand sent to Mesopatemia to serve with the British army there. After returning home he became the Nawab of Dhakaon 10 June, 1915. he took an active part in Khilafat movement in 1921, and presided over the annual conference of Kashmir Muslim Association in 1930.He had member Dhaka Board, Dhaka Municipality, and Dhaka Panchayet. He served as an Agricultural Minister in 1037. He was also a Minister in Commerce, Industry and labour in 1941-44.

Khwaza Shahabuddin was called by President Ayub Khan in his Cabinet in 1964. but he was a little known politician. he was a stop gap High Commissioner appointed by Jinnah when Zahid Hussain became ill. he was last posted as High commissioner of Negeria.