Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bangladesh, Constituent Assembly

The constituent Assembly met on 9 Dec 1946, but the Muslim members did not attend. Rajendra Prasad was elected President. Nehru moved the "Objectives Resolution." But its discussion was postponed till 20 Jan 1947, to enable the representation of the Muslim League and the Indian States.The Constituent Assembly reassembled on 20 Jan,1947 and had a session of 6 days. Nehru's resolution on objectives was passed and some important committees were formed.
On 31 Jan 1947, the working committee of the Muslim League met at Karachi and passed a lengthy resolutiondenouncing the composition and procedure of the Constituent Assembly as ab initio void, invalid and illegal, and declining to call a meeting of the council of the League to reconsider the resolution passed on 29 July , 1946. This meant that the League not only rejected the Cabinet Mission Plan and boycottted the Constituent Assembly, but was also committed to "Direct Action."
The Congress and the Minority Community made a demand to the Viceroy, on 5 Feb, for the resignation of the League members from the Interim Government.
on 13 Feb Nehru wrote a strong letter to the Viceroy reiterating his demand for the resignation of the members of the Muslim League from the Interim Government. But every body felt that the disastrous consequence would follow on either course of action.
The Prime Minister Attlee and Lord Wavell were having difference of opinion on the next course of action and ultimately Attlee announced the final date for4 Trnsfer of Power to responsible citizen of India.