Friday, September 11, 2009

Bangladesh, Recapitulation( !857-1947) (contd-1)

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950), one of the architect of partition explained the reasons for which they had accepted the Partition.By accepting Mountbatten plan/partition, the congress was only accepting what had become inevitable because of the long term failure of the Congress to in the Muslim masses into the national movement and stem the surging waves of Muslim communalism, which especially since 1937, had been beating with increasin fury. The Congress leaders felt by June, 1947 that only an immediate transfer of power could forestall
the spread of Direct Action and Communal disturbances. Sardar Patel said that a united India , even smaller in size was better than a disorganised , troubled and weak bigger one.
"An article dated 18 May, 2000, expressed that Religious nationalism does not find acceptance anywhere in the world. It is not only a dangerous but also self-defeating concept. The Mughal Empire under Aurangazeb who persecuted Hindus under the garb of religious nationalism degenerated fast. The Ottoman Empire in Europe under the Islamic rulers of Turkey faced the inevitable collapse when the rulers took religious nationalism.
The formation of the theocratic state of Israel soon after the end of WWII as the homeland of Jews as a sore point in world politics even today.
The two nation theory is bound to prove its potential for disaster and the state-nation theory of Pakistan may end up in dismemberment of Pakistan sooner or later . Neverthless there is a chnce for its survival provided Pakistan gives up the two nation theory immediately and accepts the ground realities. Democracy and social emancipation of the people in Pakistan may bring permanent stability to it.