Monday, September 21, 2009

Bangladesh, Liberation War (contd-1)

On the 14th and 15th August,1947, British Parliament, under India Independence Act 1947, trnasfered their power between Pakistan and India after lomg tug of war and negotiation among the three paries.over Kashmir leading to the Indo pakistan wa The independence also resulted in tensions over Kashmir leading to the indo-pakistan war in 1947. The post independence political history of Pakistan had been characterised by several periods of authoritarian military rule and continuing territorial dispute with India over the Status of Kashmir and with Afganisthan over the Pashtunistan issue. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (right) taking oath from Justice Sir Mian Abdul Rashid (left) as Govenor General of Pakistan on 14 Aug, 1947.

Dominion of Pakistan a country in South Asia became the Islamic Republic of Pakistanin 1956.
During this period Four persons took the charge of Govrnor -General of Pakistan, the names and duration are given below


xxxxx Ali Jinnah......Nazimuddin...Muhammad...Mirza

Jinnah (25.12.1876-11Sep 1948)

Entry to office...15.8.1947

Sir Khawaza Nazimuddin (19.7.1894-22.10.1964

Entry to Office.....17.10.1951

Ghulam Muhammad (19.7.1895-12 Sep1950)

Entry to Office.........6.10.1955

Iskandar Mirza (13.11.1899-12.11.1969)

Entry to office.........6.10.55-23.3.1956