Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bangladesh, Language Movement

While the use of Urdu grew common to the Muslims of Northern India, the Muslims of Bengal, however, were not accustomed with Urdu-rather they use Bengali as their convenient language which was used since 1000 CE and developed considerably during the Renaissance of Bengal.As early as the late 19th century, social activists were using Bengali as their language to reach to the people of Bengal. The name of Roquia Sakhawat Hussuain might be mentioned in this case.Even in the session of of the Muslim League in 1937, Lucknau Session, the delegates from Bengal rejected rdu as a Lingua franca. As an oppressive Pakistan Government removed Bengali Language from the approved list of languages in Pakistan Public Service Commission. The Central Education Minister Fazlul Rahmanmade extensive preparations to make Urdu the only State language of Pakistan. Public outrage spread and a large number of Bengali Students met on the University of Dhaka campus on 8 Dec 1947 to formally demand that Bengali be made an official language. To promote their cause the Bengali students organised processions and rallies in Dhaka.

Rallies aat the University of Dhaka area

The Linguist Muhammad Shahidullah pointed out that Urdu was not the native language of any part of Pakistan, and said that if they had to choose a second state language they might consider Urdu.The writer Abul Mansur Ahmed said that if Urdu became the state language, the educated society of East pakistan would become "illiterate"and "inelligible" for Goverment position. The first Rashtrabhasa Sangram Parishad , an organisation in favour of Bengali as State language, was formed at the end of dec 1947. Prof Nurul Huq Bhuiyan of the Tamaddin Majlis convened the committee. Later, Parliament member Shamsul huq convened a new committeeto push for Bengali as a state language. Assembly members Dhirendra nath Datta proposed legiskation in the Constituted Assembly of Pakistan to allow members to speak in Bengali and authorise its use for official purpose. Datta's proposal was supported by many bengali members but ultimately the resolution was defeated.