Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bangladesh War, End of legal Refugees

Awami League won the election in East Pakistan and Sheikh Mujibar Rahman declared independence on 26 March 1971 . It was one of the quickest liberation struuggle in the history, and
credit went to mostly Indian Intervention. But Pakistani Army carried out a well planned genocide on the Hindus though many Muslims were also killed. Hamoodur Rahman Commission, chaired by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, revealed explosive documents which include written order to kill Hindus. R.J.Rummel, the researcher, on killings by the state authorities, described a chilling gendercidal ritual, reminiscent of nazi procedure towards Jewish Males,
" In what become province-wide acts of genocide , Hindus were sought out and killed on the spot. As a matter of course, soldiers would check males for the obligated circumcision among Moslems. If circumcised they might live, if not , sure death."
Bangladesh was liberated mostly on the dead bodies of Hindu Bengalis. Then there were 10 million refugees, about 13 % of then East Pakistan's populations.There were 67,97,615 refugees in the Govt. camps and 31,01,660 were on their own as per Govt. record. Out of the refugees in the camps 92.7% were Hindus. It can be assumed that the refugees on their own will be mostly Hindus taking shelter in their relative's house. This make the total number of Hindu refugees as 91,76,627. Now Bangladesh census of 1974 shows the number of Hindus as 9,67,300. This means nearly all the Hindu Population of East Pakistan took refuge in India. This shows who were the real target of Pakistan Army and its Bengali muslim collaborators However Bangladesh war only brought some nostalgic emotions about their lost East Bengal to upper caste Hindu refugees who were then mmostly getting settled in West Bengal. This horrrible aggression on their own brothers and sisers evoked no sympathetic response in West Bengal. The West Bengal was getting eady for new types of migration- Illegal Migration and undeclared refugees.