Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bahgladesh, Liberation War (contd-5)

Military Imbalance:
Bengalis were under represented in the Pakistan Military. Officers of Bengali origin in the different wings of the armed forces madeup just 5 % of over all force by 1965, of these, only a few were in command positions, with the majority in technical, with the majority in technical or adminitrative posts. West Pakistanis believed that Bengalis were not martially inclined unlike Pushtuns and Punjabis , the martial races notion was dismissed as ridiculus and humiliating Bengalis. Moreover, despite huge defence spending, East Pakistan received none of the benifits, such as contracts, purchsing and military support jobs. The Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 over Kashmir also highlighted the sense of military insecurity among Bengalis as only an under-strength infantry division and 15 combat aircraft without tank support were in East Pakistan to thwart any Indian retaliation during the conflict.
1970 Bhola Cyclone
Bangladesh had another natural set backs in 1970 by a Bhola Cyclone.