Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bangladesh, Language Movement (contd-1)

Students of the University of Dhaka and other colleges of the city organised a general strike for 11 march 1948 to protest the ommision of Bengali from the official status, includin coins,stamps, recruitment testsn etc.Themovement re-stated the demand that Bengali be declared an official language of Pakistan. Political leaders such as Shamsul Huq, Shawkat Ali, Kazzi Golam Mahboob, Oli Ahad, Seikh Mujibar Rahman, Abdul Wahed and others were arrested during the ralliesRally leader Mohammad Toaha was hospitalised after attempting to snatch a rifle from a police officer. Student leaders including Abdul matin and Abdul Malek Ukil took partr in the procession.
In the afternoon of 11 March, 1948, a meeting was held to protest police brutality and indiscriminate arrest.A group of students marching towards the Chief Minister Khawaza Nazimuddin's house was stopped by the police in front of the Dhaka High Court. The rally changed its direction and moved in the direction of the Secretariat Building Police attacked the procession injuring several students and leaders including A.K.Fazlul Huq. Continuing strikes were observed from 12 to 15 March. Under such circumstances the Chief Minister signed an accord with the student leaders agreeing to some of the terms and conditions, without complying to the demand that Bengali be made an official language.
In the height of civic unrest, Govrtnor-General of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah arrived in Dhaka on 19 March, 1948. On 21 March, at a civic reception at Race course ground, he claimed that the language issue was disigned by a "fifth column" to divide Pakistani Muslims.Jinnah further declared that "Urdu and only Urdu" embodied the spirit of Muslims and would remain as the state language.Labelling those who will disagree with his views as "Enemies of Pakistan" . Jinnah delivered a similar speech at Curzon Hallof the University of Dhaka on 24 March. At both meetings Jinnah was interrupted by a large number of audience. He then called a state laguage committe of action and overruled the contract made by Nazimuddin. Before Jinnah left Dhaka on 28 March, he delivered a speech at radio reasserting urdu nas only state language.
Jinnah saw during his lifetime that the Two Nation Theory was not correct.