Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Worst Ethnic Cleansing

There were three types of Hindu Exodus in India from East bengal/East Pakistan/Bangladesh.
1. Gentle push method, 2. violent riots, 3. Enemy Proprty act, 1965,which was in fact an evolution of different earlier acts to grab the properties of the Hindus.
Abul Barkat, Professor of Economics in Dhaka University, has done seminal work on this subject. Even after the Pakistan regime , Vested Property Act is still used to grab Hindu Property . An interesting example is given by Prof. Barkat in the preface of his book:
The tales of prominent persons who have been affected by the VPA are well known. For example; Mr. Dhirendranath Dutta, the veteran politician from Comilla, freedom fighter against the Brirish Raj, and a member of the then Constituent Assembly, raised the first voice against the imposition of Urdu as the only state language of pakistan and Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta was brutally killed along with his son Dilip Dutta by Pakistani Army in 1971 in Comilla cantonment.He donated his properties for cause of Education keeping only a small portion which was taken away. Masterda Surya Sen, Mr. AmalSen, Barin Majumdar, a classical artist, are also the important names, among the victims.
Home Minister Indrajit Gupta in reply to question in Parliammenton 6th May, 1990, stated that the number of illegal immigrants in India was about one crore. So by 1990, a figure of 10 million comes into discussion. The reaction of Priyaranjan Dasmunshi, an important congress leader from West Bengal said in Parliament;
I was born in Bangladesh... One night I came out and found that there was trouble. My father, mother and sister were staying in the housee and the house with all the property was lit.The next day morning I found that the man with the help of whom we managedto escape, was dead.
On july 14, 2004, in reply to a question in Parliament Minister of state for Home Affairs Sri Prakash Jaiswal informed that 1 crore 20 lakhs 53 thousand and 950 illegal Bangladeshi are in the country.Record shows the number of bangladeshi's in different states in India;
State***************************Estimated Number
Andaman -Nicobar********3000