Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bangladesh, Mukti Bahini (contd-2)

A constant Bengali resistance was not expected by the planners of Operation Searchlight of Pakistani Armywhen crackdown upon the population. the Muktibahini of bangladesh was gradually gaining ground headed by M.A.G.Osmani.
The composition of the Mukti Bahini was divided into three parts, i) Guerilla team of operations, ii) Regular Army, and iii) irregular forces.
The Tactics of the combatants would be as follows;
* Guerrilla teams comprising of 5 to 10 trained members would be sent to specific areas of Bangladesh with specific assignments,
*Combat soldiers would carry out frontal attacks against the enemy. Between 50 and 100 % would carry arms. Intelligent volunteers would be engaged to collect information about the enemy among whom 30% would be equipped with weapons.
* The regular forces would organised into battalions and sectors
The following strategies would be adopted while carrying out military operations against the enemy,
*A large number of guerrillas would be sent out inside Bangladesh to carry out raids and ambushes,
* Industries would be brought to a syand still and electricity supply would be disrupted,
* Pakistanis would be obstructed in exporting manufactured goods and raw materials,
*Communication net work would be destroyed in order to obstruct enemy movement,
*Enemy forces would be forced to disperse and scatter for strategic gains,
* The whole area of Bangladesh would be divide into 11 sectors.
Other than the organisation of the Mukti Bahini who were generally trained and armed by the Indian Army , there were independent guerrila groups led by individual leaders , either nationalists or leftists who were successfully controlling some areas.

11 Sectors of Bangladesh