Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Population Explosion,(contd-1)

It is noteworthy that, of the ten million Hindu refugees leaving East Pakistan for India in course of the 1971 liberation struggle, a large number didnot return to Bangladesh. Moreover of those who returned , a big number, failing to recover movable/immovable properties looted / misappropriated during 1971, came back to India in one or two years. These refugees have not been taken account by the bangladesh census reports. Their number soars above 3 million.
After the successful conclusion of the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, only 2,00,000 out of 1 million standard non-Bengalis (usually called Biharis) in Bangladesh, could obtain help from International Red cross Society in order to move over to Pakistan. The Govt. of Pakistan trumped up a vriety of excuses to avoid the repatration of the other 8,00,000 Biharis, who were compelled to stay on in Bangladesh. As of-late 1994-i.e., after the lapse of 23 years since 1971 - only 2,50,000 Biharis were found to be living amid sub-human condition at 66 camps in Bangladesh. Actually, in terms of a natural population increase the 8,00,000 Biharis should have swelled to more than 1,3 million by 1994.To the question of where have the more than 1 million Biharis vanished from bangladesh since 1971,the obvious answer is , they have surreptitiously moved into their ancestral places in India (notably in Bihar), and settled down . In one of his election utterances , Laloo Prasad Yadav , the chief Minister of Bihar,has confessed to granting ration cards and voting rights to 1,00,000 Biharis from Bangladesh. It may be added that some Govts have loudly complained about infiltration of Pakistanis and bangladeshis into such important citiess like Bombay and Delhi.
It is therefore pertinent to affirm that 6 million Hindus have left Bangladesh for India during 1971-1991., and not less than 6 million Bangladeshi Musalmans have infiltrated in India during 1971-1991.To conclude at least 13-14 million migrants/infiltrators have crossed over from Bangladesh to India during 1971-1991.
Table 1,3
West Bengal*Total population 5,45,80,647 (1981)* 6,80,77,965 (1991)
***************Hindu*********4,20.07,159 ,,, *****5,08,50,000
******************************76.96 %**************74.69 %
************net Increase**********************88,42,841 (21.05 %)
******************************* 21.51**************23.57
Net increase*****************43,06, 791 (36.67)