Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bangladesh, Review of 21st february

Pakistan was created as 'Religion is the opium of the people' based on a wrong theory of two nations which was physically impossible to govern 1600 kilometers apart through foreign territory angaist a strong cultural base enjoyed through centuries.
Language is a basic element of the identity of a nation in the bourgeois society.Jinnah ignored such a basic element to create Pakistan. Specially Bengali is a rich languge which has created many international literatures. Created by Tagore, Nazrul and others. Only out of grudge on Hinduism ( though Bengali was not a language of Hindu only) he uttered "Urdu and Urdu only." But people, particularly students, of the then East Pakistan reacted strongly and spontaneously against this. In 21st Feb 1952, police of the reactionary govt. fired on an innocent and peaceful student's rally causing life of Rafiq,barkat, Zabbar and Salam and others.But their sacrfice toot the students a long way of struggle till the demand was fulfiied.
From 22nd onwards students, members of the family of the Martyrs and East Bengal United Front Govt. created one after another Memomrials of the Martyrs which were demolished by the central police forces of the Pakistan Govt. But Ultimately struggle of the people won the battle and had their language recognized ultimately.
Amar bhaer rakte rangano ekushe february