Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bangladesh, Partition, marxian Analysis (contd-4)

England in Marx's view had a double mission in India. One, destructive, the other regenerating -the annihilation of the old Asiatic Society, and laying of the material foundations of the western society in Asia. So far the destructive side had been mainly visible; neverthless the work of regeneration begun.
Wherein did Marx see the beginning of such regeneration? He gives numerous indications ;
1. Political unity...more consolidated and extending further than ever it did under the Mogul rule and destined to be strengthened and perpetuated by the electric telegraph ;
2. Strengthening of the British military control;
3. Free press , introduced for the first time into the Asiatic Society;
4. The establishment of the private property in land-the great desideration of the Asiatic society;
5. Building up , however reluctantly and sparingly, of an educated Indian Class imbued with European Science;
6. Regular and rapid communication with Europe through Steam transport.
7. More Important than all these was the inevitable consequence of industrial capitalist exploitation of India. In order to develop Indian market, it was essential to secure the transformation of India into a reproductive country -that is the source of raw materials to be exported in order for the imported manufactured goods.This made necessary the development of railways, roads and irrigation. This new phase was only beginning at the time when Marx wrote. From the consequences of this new development Marx made the prophecy which is the most famous of his declaration on India.
Memorial of Karl Marx at Highgate,London