Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bangladesh, Mukti Bahini (contd-1)

Mukti Bahini
During the army crack down on the night of 25 March, 1971, there were reports of small scale resistance notably at Iqbal Hall, Dhaka University and the Rajarbagh Police Headquartes (later initially put a strong fight against the pakistan army). As political events gathered momentum, the stage was set for a clash between the Pakistan Army and the Bengali people vowing for Indpendence. Bengali members of the army were also defecting and gathering on various pockets in the country.
All these early fights were dis-organised and futile because of the greate military strength of the pakistani army. Outside of Dhaka , resistance was more successful . The earliest move towards forming a liberation army officially came from the declaration of Independence made by Major Ziaur Rahman of East bengal Regiment oon behalf of Seikh Mujibar Rahman. In the declaration made from Kalurghat Betar Kendra (Chittagong) on 27 march, 1971, Zia assumed the title of provisional commander-in-chief of the Bangladesh Liberation Army.