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Bangladesh, Direct Action, 16 Aug 1946

In persuance of the Muslim League Council, passed on 29 July, the working Committee of the League called upon the Muslims throut India to observe 16 August as "Direct Action Day", when meeting would be held all over the country to explain the resolution. This looked inocuous enough.But the real spirit of the "Direct Action" was expressed by Jinnah himself immediately after the resolution was passed by the Council. He said,
" What we have done today is the most historic act in our history. Never have we in the whole history of the League done anything except by constitutional methods and by constitutionalism. But now we are obliged and forced into this position. This day we bid goodbye to constitutional methods."
"He recalled that throughout the fateful negotiations with the binet Mission the other two parties, the British and the Congress, each held a pistol in their hand, the one of the authority and arms and the other of mass struggle and non-cooperation."
"Today ", he said, "we have also forged a pistol and are in a position to use it."
Whatever Jinnah might have in view when he uttered those words, the "Direct Action " was interpretedinthe light of these remarks by the Muslim League in Bengal with the full backing and support of the Muslim League Ministry under H.S. Suhrawardy, ruling over that unfortunate province. The League Ministry had declared 16 August as a public holiday, to allow the worse holocaust took place for an anti-Hindu campaign of loot, arson, and indiscriminate murder of men, women and childrenin broad daylight with impunity.Long processions were taken out by the Muslim League along the prominent streets of Calcutta and suddenly the members ofd the processions began to attack and loot the Hindu shops.Then the horrors of Muslim goodaism in its worst form were let loose upon the Hindus in the predominantly Muslimareas in Calcutta. The Hindus were taken unawares and had the worst of it at the beginning; they were butcheredlike sheeps, their women were ravished, and their houses looted and occasionally burnt. It was now been proved that all these were done with the acive support of the Govt.

Peoples were leaving Calcutta

The Beautiful City, one the famous city ob British Empire.

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