Friday, September 18, 2009

Bangladesh,Language movement (contd-4)

Through the night of 23rd February, the students of Dhaka Medical College worked on the construction of Shaheed Smritistombho (Monument of Martyrs) which was completed on the dawn on 24th Feb., with a handwritten note attached to it with the words Shaheed Smritistombho. This was inaugurated by the father of one of the slain activist Sofiur Rahman.But that was demolished by the soldiers on 26th February. On the day before industrial workers of Narayanganj observed a general strike. Aprotest rally was organised on 29th Feb but the participants faced severe police beating.
The Government censored news reports and withheld exact casualty figures during the protests. Most pro-government media circulated that Hindus and Communists were responsible for student unrest.The families of Abu Barkat and Rfiq Uddin Ahmedtried to charge the police for the murder but charges were dismissed by the police.
On 8 April Govt. report on the incidents failed to show any particular justification for police firing on the students.When the Constituent Assembly re-convened on 14th April, proccedings were stalled by the members of the Muslim League, the Legislatures from East Bengal raised the language issue. On 16th April, the University of Dhaka re-opened. The Sarbodolio Kendrio Rashtrabhasa Kormi Praishad held a seminar on 27 April at Bar Association Hall. At the meeting delegates urged the Govt. to release prisoners , relax restrictions on civil liberties and adopt Bengali as an official language.

Foundation of the Shaheed ninar in Dhaka by Abul Bakar's Family members