Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bangladesh (1947-1971)

Actual partition of Bengal between two states was performed as per Mountbatten's plan.As per the plan, on June 1947, the notionally divided Bengal Leslative Assembly voted to divide the province, setting the stage for the creation of West Bengal as a Province of the Union of India and East bengal as a province of the Dominian of Pakistan.
Also in accordance with the Mountbatten plan, in a referendum held on 7 July 1947, the electorate of Sylet gave verdict in favour of joining East Bengal. Further the Boundary Commission headed by Sir Cyril Radcliffe decided on the territorial demarcation between the two newly creatwed province. The power was finally officially transferred to Pakistan and India on 14 and 15 August 1947respectively by the Indian Independence Act, 1947.
With the partition of 1947, East Bengal became a Province in the Dominion of Pakistan.Muslim League formed the Provincial Government and on 15 Aug 1947, Khawaza Nazimuddin became the first chief Minister of East Bengal. Muslim League held on to Power till April, 1954. Post Independence Politics in East Bengal was characterised by the struggle for power between the Muslim League and the Sramik Krishak Dal and the emergence of Bengali Language Movement.
Tension between the East Bengal and the Western Unit of Pakistan led to the One-Unit policy. In 1955, most of the western wing was combined to form a new West Pakistan province while East Bengal became the new province of Esat Pakistan.This system lasted until 1971,when East Pakistan declared Independence during the Liberation War of Bangladesh and the new nation of Bangladesh wasn formed. However Pakistan did not recognise Bangladesh until 1974 and diplomatic relations were established in 1976.