Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bangladesh, Partition,Marxian Analysis (contd-9)

Gandhi and Mountbatten before partition
"Leave India to God, if that is too much then leave her to anarchy"-Gandhi, May 1942
After WWII the British Imperiolists were in a hurry to leave India to stop the world's cruellest and one of the most bloodiest migration and ethnic cleansingsin history which they had nourished since the beginnig of the first decade of twentieth century.The religious fury and violence that it caused the deaths of 2 million Hindus,Muslims and Sikhs.
An estimated12 to 15 million people were forcibly transferred between the two countries. At least 75,000 women were raped. Pakistan was made up of two regions one East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and the other West Pakistan 1,100 miles apart. The latter one includes the Indus River, from which the name India was originated.
Jamil Iqbal, in his article "The Crime of Partition -part 2" written on 10 July ,2007, wrote that,
The Indian National Congress, the prmier organisation and the leading organisation of the Indian National Movement, was founded in 1885.Actually the National Congress, established through the activity of the Indian middle class, was brought into existence as an organisation through the initiative and under the guidance of an Englishman. more than that- what is less universally known-the National Congress was in fact brought into being through initiative and under the guidance of direct British Imperialist policy, on a plan secretly pre-arranged with the viceroy, as an intended weapon for safeguarding British rule against the rising forces of popular unrest and ant-British feeling in India.
India after Partition
British had followed a "divide and rule" policy in India when Congress on several occasions kept silent or didn't take any step to neutrlise that step.
1. The British helped establishing the M.A.O. College at Aligarh and supported the All India Muslim Conference, the centre of the formation of Pakistan,
2. As soon as Muslim league was formed , separate electorate was constituted for the Muslims,
3. Muslim League formed Coalition Ministry with KPP in Bengal,
4. Lahore resolution of the Muslim League.