Thursday, September 17, 2009

( Video) Bangladesh, Ekushe February (Contd-3)

When the students were leaving the place, the police made some arrests for violating 144. At this the students get together enraged and went to infront of the East Bengal Legislative Assembly and blocked the Legislators' way, asking them to present their demands at the assembly. When a group of students sought to storm into the building , police opened fire and some students were killed, including Abdus Salam, Raffiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat, and Abul Jabbar. As the knews of the killings spread , disorders erupted across the city. Shops, offices and public transport were shut down and a general strike began.At the assembly six legislators including Manoranjan Dhar, Boshonto Kumar Das, Shamshuddin Ahmed, and Dhirendranath Datta requested that the chief Minister Nurul Amin should visit wounded students in Hospital and Assembly be adjourned as a sign of mourning. This motion was supported by some of the treasury bench members including Maulana Abdul Rashid Tarkabagish, Shorfuddin Ahmed, Shyamsuddin ahmed Khodokar, and Moshiuddin Ahmed. However Nurul Amin refused to oblige.

22 February
Disorder spread across the province as large processions ignoring section section 144 and condemned the actions of the police.More than 30,000 people congregated at the Curzon Hall in Dhaka. During the continued protests, police actions led to the death of four and more people. This prompted officers, clerks from different organisation and clleges, banks, and the radio station to boycott offices and join the procession. Protesters burned the offices of two leading pro-government news agencies, the Jubilee Press and the Morning news, Police fired on the mourning processions,when it was passing through Nawabpur Road. The shooting killed number of innocent people. Sofiur Rahman and Ohiullah were among the deads
Procession of 22 Feb