Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bangladesh, Language Movement (contd-2)

East Bengal Government then formed a East Bengal Language Committee under the chairmanship of Maulana Akram Khan. The committee submitted the report on 6 Dec,1950 which was not published till 1958. The committee suggested that "Bengali may be written in Arabic Script"
Procession held on 4th feb, 1952 at Nawabpur Road, Dhaka
Serious turn in 1952
The Urdu-Bengali issue was again raised in the time of Governor-General, Khawaza Nazimuddin, the successor of Jinnah. He also defended Urdu-Only policy in a speech on 27 Jan 1952. On 31 Jan 1952, in a meeting of All Party Central Language Action Committee at The Bar Library Hall of the University of Dhaka, a committee, named as Sharbodolio Rashtrabhasha Kormi Parishad, was formed. The meeting was chaired by Maulana Bhasani. In that meeting the central Governement 's proposal of writing the Bengali language in Arabic script was vehemently opposed. The action committee called for an all out protest on 21 February, 1952, including strikes and rallies.
Students of the Univversity of Dhaka and other institutions gathered on the University premises on 4th Feb and warned the Govt. to withdraw their proposal and insisted on the recognition of Bengali. As the preparation for demonstration was going on , Govt. imposed 144 in the city of Dhaka prohibitting any assemblage of more than 5.
Ekushe February
The students from different institutions began to gather in the premises of the University of Dhaka in the moorning of 21 February, 1952, defying section 144, where the Vice-chancellor and other officials were also present as the premises was surrounded by the armed police. By a quarter past eleven, the students assembled at the University gate attempted to break the police cordon. Police in reply to that fired tear gas shells to warn the students. A section of students ran into the Dhaka Medical College while others rallied in front of the University gate surrounded by police. The Vice-Chancellor asked the police stop firing and ordered the students to disperse.