Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zambia, Independence Era

The nationalist movemenet was given impetus in the early 1950s when the colonial office agreed to have Northern Rhodesia joined in afederation withNyasaland (Malawi), a British protectorate, and southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Southern Rhodesia under white settler rule, was bankruptand saw Northern Rhodesia, with its copper wealth as, to quote one of its political figures , a "milch cow".

Zambian opposition to Federation , in which few whites and asians were prominent, was not strong enough to prevent to prevent its imposition in 1953. During its ten years of existence, as Zambians had anticipated , hundreds of millions of pounds were siphoned off to southern Rhodesia. The white settlers there built up an impressive economic structure while the milch cow remained without a single decent tarred highway, let alone a university or even an adequate school system or health service.
In the mid-fifties, the failed campaign against federation became struggle for full independence. The federation was disslved in1963 and zambia at midnight of 24th oct. 1964, became an independent republic with him as president.
From 1964 to 1991 Zambia was an one party state. after oct. 1991, in which Fredrick Chiluba, a trade unionist became the president in place of Kaunda. In a fresh constitution an election was held on Dec. 2001 and Mwanawasa sworn in as president and he continued till date.
Cecil Rhodes
LIberation Statue in front of a government Building
A poster from the Anti-corruption Commission