Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kyrgyz, history (continued)

Accoring to recent historical findings, Kyrgyz history dates back to 201 BC. The early Kyrgyz lived in upper Yenisey river valley , Central Siberia, . Chinese and Muslim Sources of the 7th-12th centuries AD describe the Kyrgyz as red haired with fair comlexion and green (blue) eyes.
The Kyrgyz genesis legend tells about an ancestor and father of all Kyrgyzes Kyzyl Taigon( red dog). A daughter of the Khan was in the habit of of taking long walk in a company of 40 maidens servant. Once, on return home after her usual walk , the Princes saw that her native aul was ravaged by an enemy . In the aul they found only one alive creature , a red dog.The princes and her forty maids become mothers , in a company with only one male attraction, a red dog. By the number of metrons the posterity of 40 maids ,kyrk -kyz, began to be called kyrgyz people . The cult of the heavenly dog was wide spread between the tribes west and east of the ancient China.
The early history of the kyrgyz is shrouded in mythology, particularly the founding legend of the Manas, an epic poem of morethan one million lines that is still presented orally , through songs Kyrgyz state reached its greates expansion after defeating the Uyghur Khaganate in 840 AD. Then kyrgyz quickly moved as far as the Tian Shan range and maintained their dominance over this territory for about 200 years. In the 12 thcentury , however, the kyrgyz domination had shrunk to the Altay Range and theSayan mountains as a result of the rising Mongol expansion. With the rise of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century, the Kyrgyz migrated south Plano Carpin , an envoy of the Papal states, and William Rubruck,an envoy of France, all wrote about their life under the Mongols.
Various Turkic peoples ruled them untill 1685, when they came under the control of the Oirats.