Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ghana, Colonial period (cntunyed)

Beginning in 1850, the coastal regions increasingly came under control of the governor of the British fortresses, who was assisted by the Executive and the legislative council.After 900 three chiefs and three other Africanswere added to the Legislative Council, though inclusion of Africans from Asnte and the northern territories did not take place until much later.british authorities adopted a system of indirect rule for colonial administration , wherein traditional chiefs maintained power but took instructions from their European supervisors. This technique they had adopted due to :
1. Indirect rule was cost effective, 2. decentralisation was only to look to Accra and not to the their people, 3. they could avoid anticolonial feelings of the local people.
gradually they they increased participation of the local people in the administration since 1925.
the colony assisted Britain in both World war I and WWII.