Friday, June 26, 2009

Kenya, Introduction

Map of Kenya
Kenya has been called "the cradle of mankind", the place where the first humans appeared. Fossils found in great rift valley,around lake Turkana(in the north of Kenya), suggest that hominids ( the family of man apes and humans) walked around there several millions of years ago. The Republic of Kenya. with a spectacular scenery, pleasant climate, and varied wildlife, has developed an important tourist industry.
Kenya was settled by 40 language groups, the largest being the Bantu Speaking Kakuyu, the Nilotic Luo,the Bantu speaking Luhya and Kamba and the non-bantu Kalenjin. there are Arabs,Asian, and European minorities.
Lying along the Indian Ocean , at the equator , Kenya is bordered by Ethiopia in the north, Tanzania south, Uganda and Lake Victoria in the west.
The rank of Kenya in the list of national average per capita income using atlas method ,est. 2003. , is 175 with est 390 $. Inthe methods of IMF,WB and CIA , est.,2007, 2007, and 2008 are as follows: