Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ghana, nkrumah (continued)

Some of the more notorious fiascoes of the big push:
1. The sugar plant at Asuatuare was built without a water system and remained idle for a year before this flaw was corrected.
2. A tomato and mango canning plant was built at Wenchi (in Western GHana) with a capacity to process 5,000 tons of tomatoes and 7,000 tons of mangoeseach year . After it was built at a cost 80 % above budget and ready to begin operations the authorities discovered there were hardly any mango trees in the area of the plant and it would take 7 years for newly planted mango trees to start.
3. Ghana airways chose Soviet Ilyushin planes which could only be serviced in the Soviet Union. Ghana Airways had to maintain service from North Africa to the Soviet Union to accomodate this servicing requirement. Those lines had harly any passangers at all and most of yje times they di have government passangers flying free of cost.
The Political corruption of Nkrumah regime:
The planning fiascoes and the financial corruption of the Nkrumah regime were probably less significant than the corruption of the politics of Ghana, the institution of a one-party totalitarian state and the ruthless persecution of anyone who was less than a devoted worshiper of Nkrumah and even some of those that were. Soon after Independence Nkrumah began restricting political freedoms in Ghana. When regional/ethnic based parties in the northern territories and in Ashantiland presented a political challenge to Nkrumah's Convention Peoples Party he used his party's overwhelming majority in the legislature to outlaw regional/ethnic based parties.Ultimately he banned all the political parties.Even J.G.Danquah, who had invited him to become the Gen.Secretary, died in prison.His Closest associates in the CPP were not immune from Nkrumah's politicalvengence.
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